About Us

We are the Motorhome Medics, Darren Corder and Martin Peters. We have been close friends and work colleagues for 22 years, and both have strong motor engineering backgrounds. In 1999, whilst working in the service department of a major RV dealership, we realised that we could offer even more to motorhome owners. We took the plunge and Motorhome Medics was born, to offer honest work for fair prices on every aspect of motorhome servicing and repair. We know that the majority of motorhome owners are not super rich: they are often people who have changed their life style and bought a motorhome which needs value-for-money care and attention. We also know that this once-in-a-lifetime investment must be treated with respect when in for service or repair. In fact, we aim to leave your motorhome cleaner and tidier than when you brought it in! Over many years we have forged strong links with our American suppliers of vehicles, parts and accessories. We regularly visit the USA to keep up to date with the latest ideas and innovations in their motorhome (RV) industry - we are NEVER behind the times! All our up-to-date knowledge, skill and experience is used to keep your motorhome in reliable and safe working order. We both look forward to welcoming you and your motorhome.